Healing Haven space in Boulder Creek
a shared space for practioners to work one on one with clients.


Luminescence Healing Haven is now closed.   The healing space remains available.  Current practitioners offer energy medicine (Reiki,  TAT, Earth Energy Medicine), hypnotherapy and Sai Shakti healing.

Healing Therapy Available in Boulder Creek.

Anupama Deanne Kallman - a Portal of Grace

Energy Medicine:  Reiki, TAT, Earth Energy Medicine

(831) 818-8128

Lorraine Schumacher

(831) 345-7737  

Sai Shakti Energy Healing (Sai Shakti Healing is an ancient science of the soul. Through transmitting energy to the energy centers of the body)

Lizzie Fenton is now offering her services in Hawaii on the Big Island.

Hawaii Retreat information may be obtained at

Individuals, couples and small groups may schedule an individualized healing retreat in Hawaii.  Services offered in Hawaii include:  Private yoga instruction, reiki instruction, massage and energy work, infra-red sauna, foot detox and body wraps.  We will also recommend hikes within Volcano National Park and  Snorkeling in nearby Hilo.